Welcome to the Rhinestones Unlimited blog!

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Welcome to the Rhinestones Unlimited blog!

As this is kind of my big debut, I should have asked a celebrity friend to say a few words, but who better to introduce me than myself.  If someone is going to edit all of my wondrous years into a few demonstrative phrases, I’d rather those few phrases not be skewed by an outsider’s opinion.  Coming directly from me, I can give it to you straight.  My name is Jemm Stone.  I’m the “Fifth Beatle” at Rhinestones Unlimited, the one who’s heard but not seen; and I gotta say, frankly, I’m pretty fabulous.  Not in the Hollywood-blonde-flowing-locks-outstretched-hand-full-of-giant-rings kind of fabulous.  I mean, the kind of fabulous where I’ll grow up to be known as the crazy lady on the block, except that once I let (the select few) people in on my secrets, they’ll all be following my “crazy.” And bringing cookies to my door, because I’ve become their favorite.  That kind of fabulous.

My train of thought may occasionally lead to wacky destinations, true, and I will use sentence fragments (an English teacher’s nightmare, blaahh!), but I write in the pursuit of collective wisdom.  I’ll scour the Hows, the Whats, the Wheres, Whens and Cindy Lou Whos- and sometimes a Y!  I mean, Why.  Because the world of rhinestones is fascinating, but expansive.  You’re busy, I’m on Facebook all day. This blog from Rhinestones Unlimited will do the work for you, so check back often.

Signing off with an x and an o (and note that they are just x’s and o’s.  They might stand for a kiss and a hug, or a hip bump, or a pinch in the booty, a punch in the nose, or nothing at all.  They are your interpretations, and yours are as valuable as mine.  They just aren’t posted here).

-xo – Jemm Stone

Rhinestones Unlimited blog author Jemm Stone is a multifaceted girl navigating our sparkly world with on-point insights.  Visit Blog.RhinestonesU.com to follow her thoughts as she highlights design trends, turns the spotlight on industry influencers and breaks down how-to tips like light through a crystal prism.



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