Quick Sparkle Fixes to the Rescue!

Add dynamic stage sparkle in no time with the versatile crystal styles in our Performance Jewelry Collection.

Quick Sparkle Fixes to the Rescue!

It’s March.  You’re stressed.  Competitions are breathing down your neck, and you’re frantically trying to get all of the details of your performance together- tighter turns, sloppy arms, an extra practice space for an extra practice, customized costume additions, lots of sparkle, transportation, hotel rooms, scheduling and paychecks- all while trying to get a few hours of sleep each night.  Oh, and remembering to eat.  And, shoot…having enough clean underwear to last through it all.  (You knew there was a reason you should’ve done your laundry last weekend.)   So many details to secure.

And then, something goes wrong.  Dominoes!!

Detail of a crystal applique that has been customized with the addition of Swarovski stones glued into the spaces to complement the colors and style

This crystal applique has been customized! 3D shapes in coordinating shades of blue have been glued right on top of the applique to blend the costume’s color and style.

Well, now the goal is to eliminate excess and find the simplest solutions that still communicate the fantasy performance you envisioned.  I have two answers:

  • Crystal appliques. Put a lot of sparkle down in one simple application.  They’re flexible, they’re pretty, you can glue them on or sew them on.  If you want to cut them at all, first apply Fray Check or a watered down glue to the cut line, and let it dry before snipping through the threads that hold those beads in place.


  • Performance Jewelry. Oh, girl.  Complete your envisioned stage look and add a polished visual presence with accessories.  They extend the costume to the top of your head, your fingertips and toes- but, they do it quickly and with little expense.  Our Performance Jewelry line is filled with classic but versatile styles of crystal accessories that were developed especially for sparkle and strength on stage.   Check out the earring styles made with Swarovski crystal, available in over 40 colors, and the sterling silver Performance Earrings for sensitive ears.  There are chokers to frame your face, bracelets to jazz up jazz hands and unique headpieces to add a character element.



Graduated Drop Earrings featuring Swarovski crystal.  Part of the Rhinestones Unlimited Performance Jewelry Collection. Performance Earrings featuring Swarovski crystal and the 3-Row Choker.  Both items are part of the Rhinestones Unlimited Performance Jewelry Collection. Little Star Crystal Jewelry for children features true crystal rhinestones compliant under the CPSIA standards.  Styles shown here are the Ponytail Barrette and 2-Row Rhinestone Choker.  Both items are part of the Rhinestones Unlimited Performance Jewelry Collection.









See?  I just saved you all that work.  Take advantage of the products at Rhinestones Unlimited that are already finished for you.  We’ve probably heard of every rhinestone emergency in the book, and we have solutions like these to help you fix them.  Take a deep breath…now, let’s get your performance sparkling.


-xo-  Jemm

Rhinestones Unlimited blog author Jemm Stone is a multifaceted girl navigating our sparkly world with on-point insights.  Visit Blog.RhinestonesU.com to follow her thoughts as she highlights design trends, turns the spotlight on industry influencers and breaks down how-to tips like light through a crystal prism.


P.S- Want the best of both worlds?  We even have crystal applique Performance Jewelry.  Ta-daaa!!  Check out Applique Headwear and Swarovski Crystal Rock Jewelry styles.


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