Group Dance Planning

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Group Dance Planning

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Group Dance Planning – Let Us Help!

You are creative, you are colorful, you are talented, but are you a mathematician?  Often the most frustrating part of rhinestoning a costume is the estimating and the multiplication, division and even algebra associated with planning for a group costume.  We have put together some tools for you that –hopefully – lessen the burden!

First, the creative part!  Start with our Design Figures to sketch your basic costume silhouette.  Or, if you already have the costume, simply lay it out on a table or hang it in a place where you can step back to admire it. Don’t worry about budget yet- just use that performer’s imagination of yours to dream up the design you would like to see.

Next, you need to estimate how many and what size rhinestones you desire for each area of the costume.  You can use our Estimating Guide for accurate figuring by first measuring the length and spacing of a line (like along a hem or leotard strap) or an area by square inches (like a scattering of crystals on a skirt or bodice).  You can also do the “point and count” method where you do just that – point to where you want crystals and count how many you want in a specific area of a costume.  Whenever estimating, please make sure to take notes somewhere (i.e. right sleeve 48 crystals spaced about 3” apart) and remember to account for extra crystals for the larger sized costumes.

Okay, we admit, your math skills may get tested when multiplying the design for a group.  However, we think our Project Planning Worksheet will help.   Here is a quick tutorial on filling out the form:

  1. Start by filling out the basic information – project name, performers, due dates, etc.  Then, list out the color of crystals and the quality/style underStone Style/Color, and the size of crystals, under Stone Size, that you would like on the garment.  Our very best tools are our Color Sample Cards when trying to match colors or decide on the size of crystal you want to use.


  1. Next, move across the line by filling in the Stones Per Garment(which you have already figured out and noted…right?) and the total Number of Garments (a.k.a. the number of dancers in your group).  Multiply those two numbers and then divide by 144 to get the Total Gross.  A gross is 144 pieces (12 dozen) and is how all our rhinestones are packaged.


  1. Next, fill in the Package Sizethat the size of rhinestone you selected is available in.  Remember, the full/bulk/factory/manufacturer packs of rhinestones are your best value.  Generally, the factory packs are 10 gross (1,440 pieces) for sizes 5ss-20ss, 2 gross (288 pieces) for size 30ss and 1 gross (144 pieces) for size 34ss and 40ss.  Specialty shapes and different manufacturers may have different package sizes.


  1. Divide the Total Grossby the Package Size to get the Packages Needed (i.e. 38 gross divided by 10 gross = 3.8 packages).


  1. You are almost there!  Fill in the Price per Packageand multiply to get your Total Cost for that line item.


  1. Add up all of your line items and you will have your Total Project Cost.  Divide by the number of garments (dancers) for yourTotal Cost Per Garment.


Whew!  Did that help?  We hope so.  Your payoff will be truly stunning and unique costumes that will sparkle under the spotlight and make your dancers feel extra special- all while staying in budget.  That’s worth a little mathematical pain, right?

If you need help on How to Rhinestone A Dance Costume, make sure to check out our video.  Our customers love to share this with their costuming crew and parents to show them tips and tricks for the best methods of application.

Good luck and happy costuming! Make sure to tag us @RhinestonesUnlimited on Facebook or Instagram with your final results.  We love seeing your creations!




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