Cool Tool of the Day: Scale (and more!)

Scale with Counting Feature

Cool Tool of the Day: Scale (and more!)

Everyone loves kits. It begins with childhood, really. Your new school supplies, tucked into your pristine backpack. Your coordinating Thermos and cartoon lunchbox, filled with goodies. The salt, pepper, wet-nap, knife and spork package found next to the toy in your Happy Meal. It continues as life goes on: your Easter basket, your sewing box, your skin care set, your swag bag, your matching luggage and travel bottles, your 600-count bed linen set, and the complete collection of coordinating furniture in your dining room.

Well, our Cool Tool spread of the day is kind of a mix and match bundle for your own rhinestones kit. Whether you’re going to hoard them all, or pass your embellishments out to your helpers, these Cool Tools will help keep your bling safe, sound and accounted for.

Scale with Counting Feature


Our precision calibrated scale is a wonder for counting out crystals.  Put a container, such as a small cup, on the Scale and with a push of the button, erase the weight of the cup.  Now the Scale will read at a neutral zero.  Next, choose the option to count out manually, let’s say 10.  Count out a measly 10 stones from the bunch, and put them in the cup.  The Scale is learning to recognize what 10 stones feel like.  From there, you can dump a whole handful of rhinestones into the cup, and the Scale will tell you exactly how many crystals you’ve just separated.  Very handy when budgeting flat backs between projects, or distributing a package between performers.  I’ve not personally tried it, but I predict it will also work just as swimmingly when you are dividing jelly beans between the picky and argumentative receivers of this year’s May baskets.  (See our Scale here:

Craft Mates Easy Sort Tray

Sorting Tray

Another handy item on the list is part of what I like to call the Craft Mates Brigade.  If the thought of a scale frightens you into flashbacks of your Freshman Fifteen-Gone-Fifty, you may want to stick with the low-tech manual counting method.  The tray helps you quickly divide two types of objects, let’s say beads- one kind dropping into a trough on the side, the other pushed to the corner of the lipped tray surface.  When it’s time to transfer both to their respective containers, flip the trough top closed for a tidy transport and tip the tray to pour the beads on the lipped surface through the spout in the corner.  The remaining beads enclosed in the trough can now be safely poured out the other end.   Again, this Cool Tool would probably work very well with jelly beans.  Or, Nerds!  (See our Sorting Tray here:

Transparent 2"x3" zip bags and envelopes

Zipper Bags and Envelopes

We all understand the value of good packaging- especially when it comes to kits.  If you opened a mud-smudged box of rhinestones and beheld a sloppy pile of Crystal AB pointed backs, shoved into the corner of a thin sandwich baggie that was knotted in excess, you’d poo-poo them, despite the fact that the rhinestones themselves were perfectly useable.  Well, buck up, dear reader.  Though I’ll admit we don’t have a Martha Stewart collection of embossed, laser cut, letterpress glitter paper and hand-woven ribbon for gift wrapping (and thank goodness, as we creative brains would end up paralyzed in over-thinking how best to showcase the personality of the Crystal AB in the way the ribbon loops hang), we do have mini zipper bags and envelopes, just the right size for keeping a couple gross of 20ss safe.  Think of them as travel sized, or bite sized.  Barbie sized.  Kit sized!  Easily view the colors and styles through the clear zipper bag, and keep things neat and tidy packed in the envelopes, ready to distribute to your team (or your dolls).  Clean, simple, done.  Then you can unleash your Good Things training on those little packages (optional).  (See our Zipper Bags and Envelopes here:

Craft Mates Double Snappin' OrganizerSize 2XL 7-chamber Craft Mates storage caddy

Craft Mates Brigade

Okay, it’s just called Craft Mates.  What kit is truly complete without an organized and partitioned container, in which every component has its own little nook or cranny in which to nestle?  One can genuinely delight in dumping all the contents from their purse, their toolbox, their curio cabinet, their car, their 20 pocket cargo pants; cleaning it out; and putting everything back in its place.  Craft Mates has a collection of compartmentalized items, so you can keep everything just so.  Locking Caddies are transparent 7- or 14-chambered storage containers, each chamber with its own attached lid (that makes a satisfying snap under your fingers when you close it).  They automatically lock when closed to prevent the accidental spilling of contents (before you’re officially ready to begin your cleaning).  To open the lid, push the little spring-loaded lock on the side of the caddie while opening.  Simple, yes, but effective.  And not to worry- whether you prefer the 7 straight or the back to back 14, there is a proper carryall.  The Double Snappin’ Organizer is especially nice when you have enough rhinestones, metal settings, beads, sequins, Nerds and jelly beans to fill multiple carryalls- they fall in line impressively on a bookshelf.  And, the Tote…well.  The Tote has tool slots and extra pockets…the possibilities for filling them are practically endless!  (See our Craft Mates Brigade here:

All of these organizing supplies help you establish a method in the middle of design madness.  A well-organized work space prompts a tremendous sense of accomplishment and helps you start off on the right foot.  Even if, in the end, after patting yourself on the back, you still prefer that we count, sort, bag and store for you…(And we will.  Just ask.  The magic words are, “Custom Repackaging…”)

-xo- Jemm

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