Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide!

Estimating Guide 12ss Row calculations, sparse to solid

Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide!

Stop scratching your head in that puzzling manner; we can help you figure it out. For those times when your brain falls flat, but you still need to figure out how many gross it will take to create your project, this Cool Tool of the Day is ready for you day or night: the Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide.

Estimating Guide 12ss Row calculations, sparse to solid

Found on our website, you can print off a copy for your workspace for free, or access it anytime via internet. It’s a comprehensive, illustrated guide to calculate how many flat back rhinestones are needed to fill a line or a space. We’ve created the formulas for stone sizes (ss) 12ss, 16ss, 20ss, 30ss and 34ss.

So, say for instance, you are have decided to outline the block letters OOOOOO SPARKLY! on your sweatpants with 20ss flat backs and fill in the letters with 12ss stones.  First, turn to the 20ss Rows page in our Estimating Guide. Measure the approximate circumference of the characters in inches (however loosely or exactly you choose to do this is up to you, of course).  Now take the grand total of that measurement, look at the page of rhinestones used in a row, and if it’s a solid outline you’re after, just plug your numbers into the formula provided.

Estimating Guide 12ss Coverage, sparse to solid calculations

Next, figure out approximately how many one-inch squares would fit into the combined letters. Got it? Turning to the 12ss page on spatial coverage, say you prefer the look of solid coverage, multiply the number of stones stated below the picture by the number of square inches you just calculated. Voila! That’s how many stones you need for your OOOOOO SPARKLY! pants.

Remember, rhinestones are sold by the gross (a dozen dozens, which equals 144 pieces). If you haven’t already, divide the total number of 12ss rhinestones needed by 144 to get the number of gross to order. If it’s not an even number, round up to eliminate the decimal.

So, that’s it! Short and sweet, as far as math goes. It’s a word problem, but an easily solvable one, with pictures for entertainment (let’s face it- we are often visual learners).

Estimating Guide cover

For you who are disciplined, may I suggest taking an extra step: snap a photo of the finished product or pattern, and keep it with a note that says how many of each size stone you used.  As your portfolio of projects expands, you can master the art of estimating just based on experience, no guide needed (but, rest assured, when you need it again, it will be there).

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate those things in life that make troublesome or redundant tasks more bearable: Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide. Cartoon bandages and bubble-gum flavored toothpaste. Bug spray. Rubber gloves. Scalpel. Music. Baking soda and vinegar. Ear plugs. Pinot Grigio…

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The Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide is FREE online!  Remember to check your print settings before printing- the images are realistically represented when printed at the Landscape setting at a size of 100%.  Check out the Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide here:

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