Cool Tool of the Day: Color Sample Cards!

101 Color Sample Card

Cool Tool of the Day: Color Sample Cards!

Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.  Let me tell you a little story.

When I was in design school, my very first class -8am, all first semester- was Color Theory.  I paid quite a bit of money to look at swatches of red next to green, yellow fading into orange, indigo versus violet and every shade of grey possible.  Or, is it…Gray?  We saw firsthand how the undertones in individuals’ skin brought out the best or the worst of each other.  We found how to make a color pop one second, and how to make it recede the next.  We spent hours bent over huge sheets of paper, figuring out how to make blacks that spanned the spectrum of warm to cool- without using black.  Did I just blow your mind?  We learned to regard the subtleties of shades as statements (some colors gossiped, some waxed poetic, and some muttered every form of obscenity; some just stood there without saying a word).

One particular assignment that altered my perspective involved painting our ideas of beautiful colors and ugly colors.  Just about everyone was in the unspoken mindset that the Ugly side would involve variations of one color: brown.  That huge sheet of paper was charted into tiny squares, and covered with color.   I found myself unsatisfied with the amount of ugly as I worked at night, mixing my watercolors in various concoctions, searching in vain for something truly heinous to land on the paper.  A little bit more green in this one- wait, no, maybe more red…  The next time we met, my teacher said, “Did you find that the colors you thought would be ugly actually had some real beauty in them?”  And that was it.  I had created a deep chocolate, rust, topaz, hemp, coffee, copper, bark, camel, bronze, clay, fawn, mahogany, chestnut, even the color of my own skin.  Suddenly, the beige and burnt umber didn’t repel me…they had become Sand and a rich Auburn in my eyes.

Swarovski Elements in various shades of brown

Color is a different experience for everyone, seen and felt through only our own eyes.  That’s part of the reason why today’s Cool Tool of the Day, the Color Sample Card, is one of our best sellers.  Color is one of the most obvious elements of your design, and whether we’re conscious of it at the time or not, every tint holds a commanding presence.  Remember that, though measures are taken to accurately reproduce images of the rhinestones to the highest quality, individual monitors and printers vary.  Having the actual sample in front of you becomes indispensable in your design work.

Color Sample Cards feature actual samples of the stone or sequin in every available color attached to a clear sheet.  Slip your fabric or project surface underneath the clear sheet to see how harmonious the colors will work together, and confidently choose the shade that best represents your own idea of beauty.




Color Sample Card Set of three: Swarovski, Preciosa and PriceLess Crystal.

If you are partial to Swarovski Elements, you should note that a handful of colors are refreshed each year following the color trends.  Rhinestones Unlimited does update the Swarovski Color Sample Card annually, and the Preciosa Color Sample Card as their selection changes.  We highly recommend investing in a Color Sample Card for each line you use.

At this time, Swarovski counts 132 flat back colors (including Crystal, Crystal AB and Aurum) in their collection, and over 200 bead colors; Preciosa, 104 flat back colors; Price-Less, the most popular 19 colors; and Superior Acrylic, 18; 44 colors of sequins are stocked.  That’s plenty of reasons for you to discover your next true beauty in color, with the help of our Color Sample Cards.

-xo- Jemm

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