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  • Sparkle in the Spotlight Rhinestones Unlimited Cover

    Sparkle in the New Year 2017

        Dear reader, Dearest, loveliest, glitteriest reader.  Please excuse my most egregious absence- it’s been six months since I’ve written!  There have been so many updates at Rhinestones Unlimited in that time, and as you know, change can be overwhelming.  We have new systems, …

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  • Details of the Employee Appreciation Day at Rhinestones Unlimited

    Learning New Ways to Help You Sparkle!

    This month, in the spirit of gratitude and celebration surrounding the holidays, Rhinestones Unlimited turned a team-building opportunity into a full-fledged crystal party!  It was fun disguised as learning. 10am: Heat Press.  Let me slip into something a little more comfortable… The morning started with …

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  • Cana Potter Favorites 0044

    Faith, Trust, Fairy Godmother Dust

    If you’ve ever let yourself get lost in a Disney story or cheered on the underdog, you can get behind the magic in this year’s Fairy Godmother Project event: animals became attendants, amber and lace became a gown and a blank canvas became a record …

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  • Volcano and Crystal Square flat back Swarovski rhinestones on gold nail polish

    How to Use Flat Backs in Beauty

    Keep up, dear reader.  We’re highlighting some of the creative ways that our customers use flat back rhinestones in their projects this week.  We have four flat back lines for every budget, each with a wide range of sizes and colors to suit your style. …

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  • Swarovski flat back crystal rhinestone shapes

    How to Use Flat Back Rhinestones on Apparel

    This might sound like a tutorial, but it’s not.  Not really.  Flat back rhinestones don’t need much instruction.  Grab some glue, put a dot down on your project, put your stone on the dot of glue, voila.  There are nuances to every project, of course, but …

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  • Facebookicon

    Don’t Miss Out On All Things Bling!

    As new blog articles are published, we announce them first on Facebook, so don’t forget to become a fan of Rhinestones Unlimited!  When you join the crystal community you get a support network of fellow rhinestone users around the world, plus news briefs and new posts, giveaways and plain …

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  • UDMA Booth 2014 NJ Jill Stoning Cropped

    How to Design for a Dance Costume (Part 1)

    Do you want to know the secret of the best costume designers?  They pick a direction and stick with it.  That’s it.  Design- in any medium- is just the individual’s perspective, manifested.  Yes, some people have innate abilities to make the process easier, or the energy to research …

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  • The Price family

    About Us

    Our story… In the mid-1990s, while working in the dance industry, Angie Price saw a need that wasn’t being filled.  The growing interest in embellishments among performers left an opening for a visionary individual to step in with a great idea.  Teaming up with her …

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  • Mama Rhinestone- she's a sparkling hug, sent through your computer.

    Cool Tool of the Day: Ask Mama Rhinestone!

    Frazzled?  Flummoxed?  Nonplussed?  Just plain stuck?  Mama is never far from your thoughts…Mama Rhinestone, that is.  Our Cool Tool of the Day isn’t really a tool at all- she’s a superhero!  Think of Mama R as the candlelit bath, the glass of red, the melted …

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  • Estimating Guide 12ss Row calculations, sparse to solid

    Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide!

    Stop scratching your head in that puzzling manner; we can help you figure it out. For those times when your brain falls flat, but you still need to figure out how many gross it will take to create your project, this Cool Tool of the …

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