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  • Unknown 21

    Group Dance Planning

                          Group Dance Planning – Let Us Help! You are creative, you are colorful, you are talented, but are you a mathematician?  Often the most frustrating part of rhinestoning a costume is the estimating and …

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  • Converse Lavender With Paradise Shine

    Converse and Crystals

    One of my life’s discoveries is “Chuck Taylors unite the world.” In fact, I’ve seriously considered contacting Converse to start a global campaign around this truth.  (Or, at the very least, create a button with this motto that I can pin on my own tattered …

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  • Details of the Employee Appreciation Day at Rhinestones Unlimited

    Learning New Ways to Help You Sparkle!

    This month, in the spirit of gratitude and celebration surrounding the holidays, Rhinestones Unlimited turned a team-building opportunity into a full-fledged crystal party!  It was fun disguised as learning. 10am: Heat Press.  Let me slip into something a little more comfortable… The morning started with …

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  • House Beautiful magazine, March 2015 issue cover

    “The Art of Coloring Your Life”

      Heh, heh.  I hate to say, “I told you so,” but, I told you so.       While lounging in the bath, sipping on a melted concoction of Bailey’s and vanilla ice cream  and flipping through the March issue of House Beautiful- an …

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  • Courtesy of KAMN Guitars

    How to Use Flat Backs on Objets d’Art

    Rounding out our week hailing the many uses of flat back rhinestones to sparkle up our world, we come to the land of misfit toys: objets d’art.  This is basically a fancy French version to say “art,” and since art can’t really be defined, in …

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  • Crystal Ninja With Katana

    The Crystal Ninja, Sparkling Superpower

    The Crystal Ninja.  Who is this sparkling superpower?  An expert in the art of embellishing, she sneaks around in a Jet Hematite-covered catsuit, moving with the shadows until your back is turned- then, KABLINGY!  Your walkie talkie, still in your hand, is now twinkling so …

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  • Crystalline Pick-Me-Up tool, 3 available colors

    A Quick Pick-Me-Up

    I wouldn’t say I’m complaining, per se, but for me, one of the gravest disappointments of living inside a taller body is that people don’t make a habit of picking me up and flinging me about like they do my petite-statured friends.  I like reaching …

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  • Lion Head Close Up

    How To Sequin a Superfan Sign

    In the Minneapolis metro area, Hopkins High School is known in part for their school spirit.  I’ve attended many events where the students’ coordinated outfits light up the bleachers, and their R-O-W-D-I-E cheers have been delivered so fervently that I’ve literally been bounced into the air.  Add …

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  • Hipster Mustache Glasses Made Up Of A Lot Of Diamonds

    Back to School Sparkle: Your Style

    As much as we hate to see summer end, time will move on either way, and we can lessen the blow by focusing on the season’s perk: shopping.  Yes, I’m serious.  Back to school, back to studio.  A new year is an excuse to revel …

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  • Swarovski Spring/Summer 2015 colors, Tangerine and Iridescent Green, available now at Rhinestones Unlimited

    Swarovski New Colors Spring/Summer 2015

    Swarovski has announced their two new colors, Tangerine and Iridescent Green!  These beautiful shades are available now, ready in time for you to plan your Spring/Summer 2015 collections. Tangerine (Standard Color)  “A strong warm orange tone, Tangerine provides a vibrant addition to the color range.” …

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