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  • Sparkle in the Spotlight Rhinestones Unlimited Cover

    Sparkle in the New Year 2017

        Dear reader, Dearest, loveliest, glitteriest reader.  Please excuse my most egregious absence- it’s been six months since I’ve written!  There have been so many updates at Rhinestones Unlimited in that time, and as you know, change can be overwhelming.  We have new systems, …

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  • Discount Dance Gabbys Jazz Full2

    How to Transform Dancewear from Studio to Stage

    The metamorphosis that a costume provides can do wonders for your dance, for both the audience and you.  As the performer, the addition of your dressing room routine- applying makeup, arranging your hair, clasping on your jewelry- is part of the mental journey to the stage. And …

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  • Payton, in a costume featuring PriceLess Crystals

    PriceLess Crystal: Dancers’ Performance Enhancers

    We’re no strangers to fantastic costumes- with dozens of dance studios in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, renowned pattern companies, cobblers and costume manufacturers calling the Twin Cities home, and the most theaters per capita outside of the Big Apple itself, we’ve been privy to some …

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  • PriceLess Crystal close-up

    PriceLess Crystal™—The Most Cost-Effective Crystal On the Market!

    Ladies, gents.  You want the truth?  Whether your medium is music, dance, skating, theater, cheer, posing, acrobatics, pageantry, riding, showing or just wowing the crowd (politics?  Does that count?), read on [dramatic sound cue here, a chorus of squealing violins, or ominous bass note]: I …

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  • 101 Color Sample Card

    Cool Tool of the Day: Color Sample Cards!

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.  Let me tell you a little story. When I was in design school, my very first class -8am, all first semester- was Color Theory.  I paid quite a bit of money to look at swatches of red …

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  • 101 Size

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Size

    Is bigger really better?  Decide for yourself as we look at a fourth way to help you narrow down the best rhinestones for your project. Chapter One: Attachment Method Chapter Two: Quality Chapter Three: Color Chapter Four: Size Chapter Five: Quantity CHAPTER FOUR: Size Ah, …

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  • 101 Color Standard

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Color

    Welcome back, dear reader!  Whether you are just starting your first rhinestone project, or have jazzed up your own stuff for years, learning about your different options can help you strengthen your arsenal of sparkle.  Read up on the different attachment methods, and the different quality lines …

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