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  • Gem-Tac bottle

    The Right Sticky Situation

    If you think I’m about to dish on the best cinnamon roll at the doughnut shop, I’ll tell you up front, I’m not, and you’re hungry. Go grab a snack and come right back, we’ll talk. Let’s just discuss, all of you flat-back gluers, some …

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  • Payton, in a costume featuring PriceLess Crystals

    PriceLess Crystal: Dancers’ Performance Enhancers

    We’re no strangers to fantastic costumes- with dozens of dance studios in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, renowned pattern companies, cobblers and costume manufacturers calling the Twin Cities home, and the most theaters per capita outside of the Big Apple itself, we’ve been privy to some …

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  • PriceLess Crystal close-up

    PriceLess Crystal™—The Most Cost-Effective Crystal On the Market!

    Ladies, gents.  You want the truth?  Whether your medium is music, dance, skating, theater, cheer, posing, acrobatics, pageantry, riding, showing or just wowing the crowd (politics?  Does that count?), read on [dramatic sound cue here, a chorus of squealing violins, or ominous bass note]: I …

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  • Swarovski 2014 15 Fw Colors Released 9 13

    Swarovski New Colors Fall/Winter 2014-15

    After careful consideration, Swarovski has released two beautiful new crystal shades, predicting hot colors of future seasons, and manufacturing has begun!  Available now, designers of all genres have time to plan and complete their Fall/Winter 2014-15 collections with the new crystal colors: Dark Moss Green …

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  • Crystal rhinestones shimmer like pebbles

    What is a Rhinestone? A True Fairy Tale.

    It’s actually a sweet little beginning: Once upon a time, the banks of Europe’s Rhine River sparkled with thousands of rock crystal pebbles that gleamed in prismatic brilliance along the water’s edge.  Highly prized and quite uncommon, these organic Rhine stones were gradually depleted, as …

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  • Swarovski Advanced Crystal Logo

    Advanced Crystal- Swarovski’s Cleaner, Greener Stone

    Swarovski has developed a crystal made with a completely new recipe.  Imagine the finest chocolate you’ve ever had- smooth, glossy surface, rich and full aroma with a hint of sweetness, the characteristic “snap!” of a well-tempered batch, that silky finish on your tongue. The ultimate, …

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  • Elena & Gene, making everyone wish they were taking ballroom under their tutelage.

    RU Presents: The Bersten Ballroom Boys of SYTYCD (Part 2)

    Rhinestones Unlimited Presents . . . The Bersten Ballroom Boys of SYTYCD Season 10! We continue our peek into the lives of the talented Bersten family, as told to our guest writer, Andrea.  Through her own career in ballroom, she insightfully interviews the Minneapolis-based dancers, all three of whom made …

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  • Alan Bersten gets some air

    RU Presents: The Bersten Ballroom Boys of SYTYCD (Part 1)

    Rhinestones Unlimited Presents . . . The Bersten Ballroom Boys of SYTYCD Season 10! Dear readers,  I am graciously (but, momentarily) giving up the spotlight, stepping down from my platform to welcome a guest writer, our very own ballroom expert and Crystal Market Jewelry Collection curator, …

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  • Swarovski Light Silk in mixed cuts

    Swarovski New Colors for Spring/Summer 2014

    Have you seen these?  Take a closer look at the two new fresh and beautiful Swarovski crystal colors: Light Silk and Crystal Rose Gold, available now in preparation for next year’s forecasted trends. The inspiration behind Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2014 line was all Woman: a celebration …

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  • Swarovski Crystal Applicator Tool

    We Heart the Crystal Applicator Tool!

    Ladies and gentlemen, we announce the arrival of a PORTABLE and AFFORDABLE hand tool for use with our beloved Rivets and Rose Pins, as well as crystal Snap Fasteners and Buttons! This is a brand new Swarovski development, a year in the making- a tool …

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