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  • 2088 Xirius Intro

    Xirius Stone, Serious Sparkle

    Well, they’ve done it again.  Always on the verge of something groundbreaking, Swarovski has created the most brilliant crystal flat back to date: Xirius 2088 flat back. Sounds like something from space, right?  A telescope, a landing probe, a character from Star Wars…  Well, you’re …

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  • Colorful Artificial Nails

    Nail Art “for Art’s Sake”

    Ahh, nails.  Self-expression is all in the details, right?  Well, nails are definitely a detail.  Shellacking the tiniest tips of your paws in color is just as ridiculous as any beauty routine (who thought it necessary to brush gunk on eye hairs to gain points?) …

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  • Brooch Bouquet Cropped

    10 Ways to Sparkle Your Wedding

    Unless you ride a gossamer parade float crowned Miss Butter Queen at the state fair or are voted to the homecoming court, your queenly days are numbered.  For most, there are maybe only 7 times in your life you will feel like royalty, if you’re …

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  • Facebookicon

    Don’t Miss Out On All Things Bling!

    As new blog articles are published, we announce them first on Facebook, so don’t forget to become a fan of Rhinestones Unlimited!  When you join the crystal community you get a support network of fellow rhinestone users around the world, plus news briefs and new posts, giveaways and plain …

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  • 3 4 Front In Studio

    Showing Swarovski Style at Dry Creek Designs

    If you’ve not been in our showroom in the past year, you’ve missed out on the show-stopping show jacket garnering so much attention. Designed by Liz Workland from Idaho’s Dry Creek Designs, the custom made piece features nearly 54 gross of Swarovski ELEMENTS crystals, pearls and ceramics, …

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  • Swarovski Spring/Summer 2015 colors, Tangerine and Iridescent Green, available now at Rhinestones Unlimited

    Swarovski New Colors Spring/Summer 2015

    Swarovski has announced their two new colors, Tangerine and Iridescent Green!  These beautiful shades are available now, ready in time for you to plan your Spring/Summer 2015 collections. Tangerine (Standard Color)  “A strong warm orange tone, Tangerine provides a vibrant addition to the color range.” …

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  • Pantone Color of the Year 2014- Radiant Orchid

    Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid

    If the color Radiant Orchid was a tangible object, I imagine it would be an infinity pool tucked inside a colorful garden, overlooking a calm valley.  I imagine that when I stepped in and sunk to my shoulders- in the morning hour when everything is …

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  • Hunter Armband Bodice Detail

    How to Design for a Dance Costume (Part 2)


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  • UDMA Booth 2014 NJ Jill Stoning Cropped

    How to Design for a Dance Costume (Part 1)

    Do you want to know the secret of the best costume designers?  They pick a direction and stick with it.  That’s it.  Design- in any medium- is just the individual’s perspective, manifested.  Yes, some people have innate abilities to make the process easier, or the energy to research …

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  • Discount Dance Gabbys Jazz Full2

    How to Transform Dancewear from Studio to Stage

    The metamorphosis that a costume provides can do wonders for your dance, for both the audience and you.  As the performer, the addition of your dressing room routine- applying makeup, arranging your hair, clasping on your jewelry- is part of the mental journey to the stage. And …

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