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  • Cana Potter Favorites 0044

    Faith, Trust, Fairy Godmother Dust

    If you’ve ever let yourself get lost in a Disney story or cheered on the underdog, you can get behind the magic in this year’s Fairy Godmother Project event: animals became attendants, amber and lace became a gown and a blank canvas became a record …

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  • House Beautiful magazine, March 2015 issue cover

    “The Art of Coloring Your Life”

      Heh, heh.  I hate to say, “I told you so,” but, I told you so.       While lounging in the bath, sipping on a melted concoction of Bailey’s and vanilla ice cream  and flipping through the March issue of House Beautiful- an …

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  • Complementary color pairing suggestion featuring Swarovski crystal rhinestone Blush Rose

    Swarovski New Colors for Spring/Summer 2016 Trends (part 2)

    Once again, Swarovski has blessed us with a new collection of cuts, colors and textures to keep us on trend and up to date.  The latest release, announced February 2, 2015, is being manufactured now in time for your Spring/Summer 2016 collections.  Earlier this month …

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  • Courtesy of KAMN Guitars

    How to Use Flat Backs on Objets d’Art

    Rounding out our week hailing the many uses of flat back rhinestones to sparkle up our world, we come to the land of misfit toys: objets d’art.  This is basically a fancy French version to say “art,” and since art can’t really be defined, in …

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  • Soap bottle embellished with Swarovski crystals by Christine Murphy Designs

    How to Use Flat Backs in Interior Design

    Continuing this week’s stream of clever ways our clever customers incorporate the very versatile flat back rhinestones in their everyday and special occasion projects. Today’s topic is: Flat Backs in Interior Design Wednesday’s topic was: Flat Backs in Beauty Tuesday’s topic was: Flat Backs on Accessories Monday’s …

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  • Volcano and Crystal Square flat back Swarovski rhinestones on gold nail polish

    How to Use Flat Backs in Beauty

    Keep up, dear reader.  We’re highlighting some of the creative ways that our customers use flat back rhinestones in their projects this week.  We have four flat back lines for every budget, each with a wide range of sizes and colors to suit your style. …

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  • Christine Murphy Eyeglasses

    How to Use Flat Backs on Accessories

    Oh, the small but mighty flat back rhinestone.  So versatile, so easy to use, so much payoff in visual pleasure.  Get an idea of how and when our customers are using flat back stones in this five-part mini-series; then, get amped up to start your …

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  • Swarovski flat back crystal rhinestone shapes

    How to Use Flat Back Rhinestones on Apparel

    This might sound like a tutorial, but it’s not.  Not really.  Flat back rhinestones don’t need much instruction.  Grab some glue, put a dot down on your project, put your stone on the dot of glue, voila.  There are nuances to every project, of course, but …

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  • Swarovski Crystal Metallic Sunshine and Blush Rose chatons

    Swarovski New Colors for Spring/Summer 2016 Trends

    Swarovski has just announced new flat back crystal colors!  We are taking pre-orders now for Blush Rose, Metallic Sunshine and Light Chrome.  We are expecting the first shipment of these flat backs, in the new Xirius cut, by mid to late February. Created to align …

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  • Crystal Ninja With Katana

    The Crystal Ninja, Sparkling Superpower

    The Crystal Ninja.  Who is this sparkling superpower?  An expert in the art of embellishing, she sneaks around in a Jet Hematite-covered catsuit, moving with the shadows until your back is turned- then, KABLINGY!  Your walkie talkie, still in your hand, is now twinkling so …

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