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  • Hftp Step 5 Peel Off Film A

    Cool Tool of the Day: Hot Fix Transfer Paper

    Hot Fix Transfer Paper Don’t let the name of this Cool Tool fool you (remember, it’s still just Robert Van Winkle behind that tiny soul patch, though people call him Vanilla Ice).  Hot Fix Transfer Paper, our Cool Tool of the Day, is technically not …

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  • Stone Sizing Tool Small

    Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Stone Sizing Tool

    There’s a lot of neat stuff waiting for you on our shelves.  If all you’ve been searching for is rhinestones, you’ve just scratched the surface- our product selection extends far beyond our flat back lines. We carry all the in-betweens, from concept to consumer.  The …

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  • Rhinestones Unlimited Performance Jewelry catalogue brochure cover

    Jewelry: Fashion at a Fraction of the Price

    Some folks really know how to attract attention: the screaming kid in the grocery store, the yellow Ferrari bearing down on your bumper, the woman you call Cleavage who lives down the street. But those who know how to keep it classy are well deserving …

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  • Green is a great color for redheads

    2013 is a Lovely Green…

    Oz has stepped out of its elusive place in our dreams and that gleaming, magical metropolis is about to grace our reality with a lush jeweled green: Pantone has announced that Emerald is, officially, the Color of 2013. Aah, green: the color of money; of …

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  • To Do: Set up account, check. Send in proof of business document, check. Plan order...

    Rhinestones 101: Placing Your Order

    And you’re off!  Design nailed down, product specs calculated, you’re ready for action.  Here are some things to note in the process from the time you place your order to the time you have your product in hand. -First things first: Set up your wholesale …

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  • 101 Estimating 600px

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Quantity

    Well, hopefully your peace of mind is settled a bit after having read the previous four chapters on working with rhinestones.  Remember that designing -with rhinestones, fabric, paint or any medium- is all a matter of opinion: yours.  True, some methods of attachment may work smoother …

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  • 101 Size

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Size

    Is bigger really better?  Decide for yourself as we look at a fourth way to help you narrow down the best rhinestones for your project. Chapter One: Attachment Method Chapter Two: Quality Chapter Three: Color Chapter Four: Size Chapter Five: Quantity CHAPTER FOUR: Size Ah, …

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  • 101 Color Standard

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Color

    Welcome back, dear reader!  Whether you are just starting your first rhinestone project, or have jazzed up your own stuff for years, learning about your different options can help you strengthen your arsenal of sparkle.  Read up on the different attachment methods, and the different quality lines …

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  • 101 Quality Swarovski

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Quality

    Thank you for not skipping class today!  If you were not here yesterday, we have started talking about Choosing the Right Rhinestone for your project, following five key guidelines: Chapter One: Attachment Method Chapter Two: Quality Chapter Three: Color Chapter Four: Size Chapter Five: Quantity …

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  • 101 Attach Glue

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Attachment Method

    The world of rhinestones can be overwhelming.  Anything can be, really, when you have to make decisions and are unequipped with the information needed to make one.  Well, read on, dear reader.  Although you may find that there are many combinations in stoning that will …

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