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  • 101 Size

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Size

    Is bigger really better?  Decide for yourself as we look at a fourth way to help you narrow down the best rhinestones for your project. Chapter One: Attachment Method Chapter Two: Quality Chapter Three: Color Chapter Four: Size Chapter Five: Quantity CHAPTER FOUR: Size Ah, …

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  • 101 Color Standard

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Color

    Welcome back, dear reader!  Whether you are just starting your first rhinestone project, or have jazzed up your own stuff for years, learning about your different options can help you strengthen your arsenal of sparkle.  Read up on the different attachment methods, and the different quality lines …

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  • 101 Quality Swarovski

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Quality

    Thank you for not skipping class today!  If you were not here yesterday, we have started talking about Choosing the Right Rhinestone for your project, following five key guidelines: Chapter One: Attachment Method Chapter Two: Quality Chapter Three: Color Chapter Four: Size Chapter Five: Quantity …

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  • 101 Attach Glue

    Rhinestones 101- Brush Up On Your Basics: Attachment Method

    The world of rhinestones can be overwhelming.  Anything can be, really, when you have to make decisions and are unequipped with the information needed to make one.  Well, read on, dear reader.  Although you may find that there are many combinations in stoning that will …

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  • Crystal, Crystal AB and Aurum rose pins.

    Introducing Rivets and Rose Pins: A Preface

    It’s a bit evocative of a scene from Alice in Wonderland: underneath the bread-and-butterflies and trailing in the wake of the playing card platoon, you catch a sparkle in the distance…actually, wait- a lot of sparkles.  Bouncing around each other, leaping in the sunlight, riotous …

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  • Price Match Promise image stamp

    Equal Price, But Unmatched Service

    Good news for any of you who like your money—Rhinestones Unlimited now offers a price match promise.  If you see the same product somewhere else for a lesser price, tell us.  We’ll sell you the item at the competitor’s price; then we’ll help you figure …

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  • Swarovski Elements in Light Turquoise

    Swarovski New Colors for Fall/Winter 2013-14

    Available now, Swarovski Elements has introduced two new colors for Fall/Winter 2013-14: Light Turquoise and Crystal Blue Shade; here they are, ready to grace your creative projects with allure. In the words of Swarovski, Light Turquoise (a Standard Color) is, “an uplifting blue that evokes arctic skies …

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  • Swarovski rhinestones to match color trends

    Hot Rhinestone Colors for Fall/Winter 2012 Trends

    As promised, we have matched Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2012 color trends to our own crystal palette, and present them to you here. Check out this season’s hot colors! If you’ve already forgotten Pantone’s omnipotent, omnipresent role in…well, just about everything that we look at, refresh your …

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  • Rhinestone Apple

    Welcome to the Rhinestones Unlimited blog!

    As this is kind of my big debut, I should have asked a celebrity friend to say a few words, but who better to introduce me than myself.  If someone is going to edit all of my wondrous years into a few demonstrative phrases, I’d rather …

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  • Pantone 2012 Tangerine Tango Banner

    The Results Are In: A Punchy Palette for Fall 2012

    Whatever your budget, at Rhinestones Unlimited we can help you tap into today’s color trends with sparkle through Swarovski Elements, Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystal,  and our extended economical resources to help you realize your design vision. In a secret location, inside a drab room, an …

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