Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2015’

  • Crystal Ninja With Katana

    The Crystal Ninja, Sparkling Superpower

    The Crystal Ninja.  Who is this sparkling superpower?  An expert in the art of embellishing, she sneaks around in a Jet Hematite-covered catsuit, moving with the shadows until your back is turned- then, KABLINGY!  Your walkie talkie, still in your hand, is now twinkling so …

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  • Crystalline Pick-Me-Up tool, 3 available colors

    A Quick Pick-Me-Up

    I wouldn’t say I’m complaining, per se, but for me, one of the gravest disappointments of living inside a taller body is that people don’t make a habit of picking me up and flinging me about like they do my petite-statured friends.  I like reaching …

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