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  • Mama Rhinestone- she's a sparkling hug, sent through your computer.

    Cool Tool of the Day: Ask Mama Rhinestone!

    Frazzled?  Flummoxed?  Nonplussed?  Just plain stuck?  Mama is never far from your thoughts…Mama Rhinestone, that is.  Our Cool Tool of the Day isn’t really a tool at all- she’s a superhero!  Think of Mama R as the candlelit bath, the glass of red, the melted …

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  • Estimating Guide 12ss Row calculations, sparse to solid

    Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Estimating Guide!

    Stop scratching your head in that puzzling manner; we can help you figure it out. For those times when your brain falls flat, but you still need to figure out how many gross it will take to create your project, this Cool Tool of the …

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  • Scale with Counting Feature

    Cool Tool of the Day: Scale (and more!)

    Everyone loves kits. It begins with childhood, really. Your new school supplies, tucked into your pristine backpack. Your coordinating Thermos and cartoon lunchbox, filled with goodies. The salt, pepper, wet-nap, knife and spork package found next to the toy in your Happy Meal. It continues …

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  • Bulb Syringe Glue Bottle

    Cool Tool of the Day: Bulb Syringe Glue Bottles (and more!)

    This Cool Tool of the Day will quickly become your new main squeeze: our Bulb Syringe Glue Bottle is an animated little guy that’s equal parts intelligence, looks and personality. Sold in duets, two Bulb Syringe Glue Bottles can hold a full 4-ounce bottle of …

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  • Hftp Step 5 Peel Off Film A

    Cool Tool of the Day: Hot Fix Transfer Paper

    Hot Fix Transfer Paper Don’t let the name of this Cool Tool fool you (remember, it’s still just Robert Van Winkle behind that tiny soul patch, though people call him Vanilla Ice).  Hot Fix Transfer Paper, our Cool Tool of the Day, is technically not …

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  • Stone Sizing Tool Small

    Cool Tool of the Day: Rhinestones Unlimited Stone Sizing Tool

    There’s a lot of neat stuff waiting for you on our shelves.  If all you’ve been searching for is rhinestones, you’ve just scratched the surface- our product selection extends far beyond our flat back lines. We carry all the in-betweens, from concept to consumer.  The …

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  • Rhinestones Unlimited Performance Jewelry catalogue brochure cover

    Jewelry: Fashion at a Fraction of the Price

    Some folks really know how to attract attention: the screaming kid in the grocery store, the yellow Ferrari bearing down on your bumper, the woman you call Cleavage who lives down the street. But those who know how to keep it classy are well deserving …

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